Understand your market and
your indicative valuation.

A tailored report powered by public market multiples, M&A and investment data from market comparables in your industry. To find out more and get started:

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Get valuation clarity to negotiate confidently

A data-backed indicative valuation based on comparable peers gives you the evidence and leverage you need to negotiate from a position of strength.

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Time the market to maximise your exit value

Long-term historical insights of the peak and troughs of valuation trends so that you know when to exit, and when not to exit.

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Know the active buyers to optimise outreach

Buyers who have bought or invested in businesses in your industry so you can spend more time on those that are more likely to be interested in buying your business.

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Benchmark your metrics to know where to focus

Financial and performance metrics from your peers providing a comparison to the rest of the market, and where to improve to maximise your valuation.

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Tilt negotiations in your favour
with data-driven insights

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