Get a curated list of your top potential buyers. 
Save hours on doing the heavy-lifting.

The buyer universe gives you a list of companies pre-populated with critical information, data, and contact details so that you can save time and focus on reaching out to buyers.

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Analyst-curated list of buyers, grouped by theme

Get a list of buyers (e.g. strategics, PEs) segmented by type and theme, and important info such as location, business model, scale and profitability. Without the guesswork.

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Clarity on previous transactions and behaviour

Gain awareness on each buyer’s previous behaviour and get insights into valuations, deal dynamics and their areas of interest. So that you are better informed during conversations and negotiations.

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Contact details so you know who to approach

Get the contact details of key decision-makers at each company so you can focus your outreach on the right leads.

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Save time on finding the right buyer so that you can focus on what matters most.

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