Wayflyer Secures $1 Billion to Supercharge E-commerce Financing

Wayflyer Secures $1 Billion to Supercharge E-commerce Financing

Wayflyer has announced a whopping $1 billion capital infusion from investment management juggernaut Neuberger Berman.

Transaction Highlights:

  • Deal Value: $1 billion.
  • Investor: Neuberger Berman, an esteemed name in investment management.
  • Recipient: Wayflyer, based in Dublin, specializes in offering revenue-based financing to e-commerce startups.
  • Financial Strategy: The funding comes as an "off-balance sheet program," allowing Wayflyer to maintain a favorable debt-to-equity ratio.

Wayflyer in Focus:

  • Business Model: Focuses on using data analytics for loan decisioning, targeting loans between $300,000 and $400,000.
  • Growth: Has onboarded over 3,000 clients and deployed more than $2 billion in loans since its 2019 inception.
  • Client Retention: Boasts an over 80% return rate for clients needing additional financing.
  • Prior Funding: Already raised approximately $236 million in equity and renewed a $300 million debt line from J.P. Morgan.

The Data-Driven Edge:

Wayflyer comes as a boon to e-commerce startups, particularly when businesses in the sector face attrition rate challenges. Despite market volatility, Wayflyer seems poised to fill a significant void.

Wayflyer utilizes an array of data sources, from Shopify to TrustPilot reviews, to offer predictive insights into a business's financial trajectory. This gives them an edge in identifying when a client might face financial hiccups down the line.

The Road Ahead:

Wayflyer aims to use the newly-acquired billion-dollar capital to fuel its expansion, notably in the U.S. market. This comes at a time when the global e-commerce market is prepped for massive growth, presenting Wayflyer with significant opportunities.

Investor confidence in Wayflyer remains high with industry projections from Morgan Stanley indicating a potential market size of $5.4 trillion by 2026.

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