Voly cofounder raises $0.65m in pre-seed funding for antiques online marketplace Bazaa

Bazaa, an emerging online marketplace dedicated to vintage and antique furniture and homewares, has successfully raised $650,000 in pre-seed funding. The platform is the brainchild of Thibault Henry, co-founder of Voly, and Aria Wigneswaran, former director at fashion marketplace Depop. Bazaa aims to revolutionise the way people discover, buy, and sell pre-loved items.

Transaction Snapshot

  • Deal Value: $650,000
  • Deal Multiples: N/A
  • Deal Type: Pre-seed funding
  • Investors: Angel investors and syndicates

Launched only recently, Bazaa has quickly populated its site with thousands of unique items from collectors and independent sellers. Unlike other marketplaces, Bazaa charges a flat 15% commission on sales without additional fees for listing, aiming to provide a cost-effective platform for sellers ranging from antique store owners to enthusiasts.

Bazaa’s inception was driven by its founders' passion for sustainable living and vintage aesthetics, addressing the growing consumer interest in eco-friendly and unique home decor options. 

Despite the marketplace's recent launch, Bazaa has drawn significant interest from angel investors, which shows confidence in this niche yet expansive sector of online retail. 

With plans to expand its inventory to include "slowly made" new goods, Bazaa is positioning itself at the forefront of the shift towards sustainable and quality craftsmanship.

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