Supplements provider Bloom Nutrition gets $90m from Nutrabolt and Amberstone

Nutrabolt, a prominent US-based manufacturer of energy drinks and recovery beverages, has recently announced a significant investment in Bloom Nutrition, a supplements and active-nutrition business. This move marks a strategic expansion in the wellness and nutrition sectors for Nutrabolt.

Transaction Snapshot

  • Deal Value: $90 million
  • Deal Type: Minority Investment
  • Investors: Nutrabolt, Amberstone, Clayton Christopher

Nutrabolt's investment in Bloom Nutrition represents a minority stake of approximately 20%, making it the largest investor in the California-based company. This investment forms part of a larger $90 million financing round for Bloom Nutrition, which also includes contributions from Clayton Christopher and Amberstone.

Founded in 2019, Bloom Nutrition has experienced rapid growth, largely attributed to its strong social media presence, particularly on platforms like TikTok. The company, founded by Mari Llewellyn and her husband Greg LaVecchia, is renowned for its Greens and Superfoods powder, alongside a range of products including whey protein supplements, collagen peptides, and superfood berries. Initially a direct-to-consumer brand, Bloom Nutrition has extended its reach to major US grocers such as Target and Walmart.

Nutrabolt CEO Doss Cunningham expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the brand strength and potential growth avenues for Bloom Nutrition, such as new product development and distribution expansion. The investment by Nutrabolt is expected to provide strategic capital to boost various aspects of Bloom Nutrition's operations, especially in demand generation, product innovation, and internal capability enhancement.

The collaboration is seen as a significant step for Nutrabolt in building its portfolio in the wellness and nutrition spaces. The company, with more than 20 years in the industry and known for its C4 energy drinks and Xtend sports nutrition range, views this partnership as a pivotal movement in its expansion strategy. The Nutrabolt portfolio includes other brands like Cellucor and Xtend Energy, with a global presence in over 125 countries through various channels including Ecommerce and retail outlets.

The investment in Bloom Nutrition follows Nutrabolt's recent financial boost, where Keurig Dr Pepper acquired a 30% stake in Nutrabolt for $863 million. This stake acquisition aligns with Nutrabolt's aim to become a leading entity in health and wellness, and represents the first instance of the company holding a minority investment of this nature.

Bloom Nutrition's co-founders will retain their status as majority shareholders, with Doss Cunningham set to represent Nutrabolt on Bloom Nutrition’s board of directors, alongside Clayton Christopher.

The investment in Bloom Nutrition underscores the growing interest in the 'better-for-you' sector, particularly post-pandemic, with an increased focus on healthy living and wellness. The sector has seen a surge in energy drinks, nutritional supplements, and vitamin powders that advocate health benefits. This trend has led to several strategic investments and acquisitions in the health and wellness industry, with companies aiming to diversify their portfolios to align with evolving consumer preferences.

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