Online rental clothing platform Hurr raises £7.9m in venture funding

In a major development for the British rental platform Hurr, the company has successfully closed a significant funding round. The round, amounting to £7.9 million (approximately A$15.1 million), represents a notable achievement for the company, with backing from a blend of new and existing investors.

Transaction Snapshot

  • Deal value: £7.9 million (~A$15.1 million)
  • Deal type: Funding round
  • Deal date: N/A
  • Investors: Praetura Ventures, Ascension, D4 Ventures, Octopus Ventures
  • Founders: Victoria Prew

Founded in 2017, Hurr began as a peer-to-peer rental platform and has evolved into a prominent supplier of rental services to various fashion brands and retailers, including a partnership with renowned fashion retailer, Net-A-Porter.

Victoria Prew, the founder of Hurr, shared her enthusiasm and gratitude on her Instagram account regarding the successful funding round. She highlighted the accomplishment's significance in a challenging fundraising market and acknowledged her team and investors' support.

Prew emphasized the importance of this funding for female entrepreneurs, noting the small percentage of venture capital funding allocated to female founders. She shared this milestone to inspire and motivate the next generation of entrepreneurs, emphasizing determination and perseverance as key to success.

This latest financial boost builds upon Hurr's prior seed funding round of £5.4m (A$10.3m), secured in 2021. The previous funding was aimed at rapidly expanding operations and enhancing its white-label portfolio. The current funding is expected to further propel Hurr's growth and solidify its position in the competitive rental services market.

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