Mediafly Gets $80m to Revolutionize B2B Enterprise Revenue Enablement

Mediafly Gets $80m to Revolutionize B2B Enterprise Revenue Enablement

Chicago-based revenue enablement firm Mediafly recently secured an $80 million investment, led by BIP Ventures and supported by Boathouse Capital and internal backers from Mediafly.

Transaction Highlights:

  • Deal Value: $80 million investment round.
  • Lead Investor: BIP Ventures, previously backed ConnexPay.
  • Additional Support: Boathouse Capital and Mediafly insiders.

Mediafly Snapshot:

  • Focus: Revenue enablement designed for large enterprises, providing unique solutions for global go-to-market teams.
  • Founding Team: Founded in 2006 by Carson Conant, who serves as Mediafly's Founder and co-CEO.
  • Business Model: Offers an intelligent revenue engine featuring content management, digital sales rooms, and value selling tools.

What's next for Mediafly:

Mediafly aims to expand its comprehensive revenue enablement platform with new capabilities and enriched services. "This funding poises us to provide our customers with the tools they need to strengthen business relationships and drive revenue growth," said Carson Conant, Mediafly's Founder and co-CEO.

Mark Buffington, Managing Partner of BIP Ventures, emphasized the importance of Mediafly's dual approach. "Mediafly uniquely combines revenue enablement and intelligence, making them well-positioned to lead this sector," he said.

Mary Shea, Mediafly's co-CEO, pointed out the platform's capacity to offer an integrated solution. "Companies no longer have to juggle disconnected technologies. Mediafly offers a unified platform that addresses multiple needs, making it a top choice for go-to-market leaders," Shea stated.

Strategic implications:

With a 164% growth in its customer base over the past 18 months and the integration of five revenue technology vendors, Mediafly is looking to further entrench itself in the enterprise revenue enablement space. Its unified platform, which effectively combines enablement and intelligence, is an industry standout.

Top organizations such as PepsiCo, Disney, and GE Healthcare are among Mediafly's daily users. The firm aims to capitalize on the evolving needs of enterprise B2B selling, offering a platform that’s designed to scale across a large number of sellers and buyers, and features robust user management and security.

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