Iman Davamoni Announces Sale of Purely Polished to Lyndle Bryan

Iman Davamoni, founder of Purely Polished, has announced her departure from the company, paving the way for entrepreneur Lyndle Bryan to take the helm. Purely Polished, a prominent mobile beauty service in Australia, is set for a new chapter under Bryan's leadership.

Iman Davamoni, who founded Purely Polished in April 2016, revealed her decision to step down in a subscriber-only email. She expressed gratitude for her nearly eight-year journey and announced her readiness to embark on a new chapter. The following day, Lyndle Bryan, a skilled entrepreneur, hairdresser, and makeup artist, was named as the incoming owner of Purely Polished.

Lyndle Bryan, in a conversation with Professional Beauty, shed light on the acquisition process, which evolved from two years of discussions with Davamoni. The decision to acquire Purely Polished came after recognising a strategic alignment and the potential for growth. Bryan brings extensive experience from her 16-year tenure with Hair, Beauty, Life Co (formerly Hair on the Move 2 U), a business that is now set to merge with Purely Polished.

Bryan's approach towards her new role includes leveraging her business acumen, adaptability, and commitment to strategic growth. She aims to integrate her experiences from Hair Beauty Life Co with the operational model of Purely Polished. The focus is on a strategic merger that promises to elevate both businesses, particularly in the wake of financial setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With plans for a comprehensive rebranding strategy, Bryan intends to align the business more closely with a renewed ethos, focusing on wellness. She envisions offering more comprehensive packages alongside individual services, aiming for a holistic approach to beauty that aligns with evolving customer preferences.

Purely Polished, known for its virtual beauty and wellness classes, will continue this offering. Bryan emphasises the importance of expanding the online presence of the business, adapting to the growing emphasis on wellness.

When asked about the competitive edge of Purely Polished, Bryan highlighted the extensive network of registered providers across Australia. The merger is expected to strengthen their market position, focusing on ethical practices and quality service providers.

In terms of incentives for beauty professionals associated with Purely Polished, Bryan mentioned plans to empower providers with more control over their businesses on the platform. The aim is to offer support and networking opportunities, particularly within corporate spaces, enhancing their portfolios and industry connections. Specific details of these incentives, however, are yet to be disclosed.

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