Bridgepoint Acquires Majority Share in RoC Skincare for $500m

In a notable development in the skincare industry, Bridgepoint has announced its acquisition of a majority share in esteemed dermatological brand, RoC Skincare. The acquisition marks a significant move for Bridgepoint, a firm with a robust portfolio and deep experience in the dermatology sector, particularly in the European market. 

Transaction Snapshot

  • Deal Value: Approximately $500 million
  • Deal Type: Acquisition of majority stake
  • Investor: Bridgepoint Capital

Bridgepoint's assets under management total approximately 39.5 billion euros, and it has previously made strategic investments in the sector, including the acquisition of French cosmetics company Vivacy in 2022 and its previous ownership of HTL Biotechnology.

RoC Skincare, founded in 1957 by French pharmacist Dr. Jean-Charles Lissarrague, is renowned for its pioneering approach in the dermo-cosmetic industry. The brand specialises in anti-aging skincare products, with a strong emphasis on clinically proven skin health solutions. Since its acquisition by Gryphon Investors from Johnson & Johnson in 2020, RoC Skincare has reportedly witnessed a 70% growth in revenue, underpinning its significant market presence and consumer demand for its products.

With a rich history and a commitment to innovative, proactive skincare solutions, RoC Skincare has established a substantial global footprint. Its products, including the popular Retinol Correxion line, are available across multiple countries, catering to a diverse and growing customer base.

Fernando Acosta, CEO of RoC Skincare, expressed optimism about the future, citing Bridgepoint's profound expertise and strong regional presence as catalysts for potential growth. He acknowledged the efforts of the RoC team and Gryphon's support in elevating the brand to a prominent position in the skincare industry.

Fabrice Turcq, Partner at Bridgepoint, also shared his perspective, emphasising RoC's strong European heritage, standalone business stature, and unique product offerings. He outlined the strategic direction post-acquisition, aiming to boost RoC's growth in Europe, enhance its online presence, and diversify its product range.

As the deal is slated for completion in February 2024, the skincare market watches closely, anticipating the impact of this acquisition on RoC Skincare's trajectory and the broader dermo-cosmetic landscape.

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