A-Cold-Wall acquired by brand accelerator Tomorrow

Tomorrow has fully acquired A-Cold-Wall, the acclaimed brand founded by British designer Samuel Ross in 2015. This acquisition marks the end of Ross's majority shareholding, transitioning the brand into its next developmental phase under the complete ownership of Tomorrow, a brand accelerator and former minority investor in the label.

Transaction Snapshot

  • Deal value: Undisclosed
  • Deal type: Acquisition
  • Investors: Tomorrow Ltd

A-Cold-Wall, known for its high-end streetwear that incorporates commentary on the British class system, has grown from a bedroom startup to a global business with flagship stores in Beijing and Shanghai. The brand has also engaged in collaborations with major brands like Nike, Dr. Martens, Converse, and Timberland. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, however, Tomorrow's CEO Stefano Martinetto revealed the brand's gross merchandise volume (GMV) was £16 million in 2023.

The transition sees the brand's core team of long-standing directors continue to advance its unique brand, focusing on innovation and material development. Giovanni De Marchi will serve as the managing director, with William Slocombe as creative director and Liam Hassimi as brand director. Martinetto highlighted a collective approach to creative direction as the brand plans expansion in the UK, North America, China, and Korea.

Tomorrow, co-founded by Stefano Martinetto, has previously invested in emerging fashion businesses, including Coperni, Martine Rose, and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, establishing itself as a significant incubator in the fashion industry. This acquisition underscores Tomorrow's commitment to fostering innovative brands and signals a strong future for A-Cold-Wall under its new ownership.

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